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Hydration Facial

Gently brightens and smooths skin by utilizing a blend of vitamins and botanicals. This Facial will help to hydrate and restore balance to the skin leaving you with a rich, glowing look. Suitable for any skin type



Face Massage

Ageless Facial

Stimulates turnover of cells to help reduce hyperpigmentation as well as fine lines and wrinkles. Focuses on nourishing the skin to support elasticity and collagen formation. Great for environmentally stressed skin.



Image by Antonika Chanel

Acne Facial

Designed to target breakouts and diminish post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Steam is added to allow the skin to open for better absorption of products and ease the removal of debris. Best for those with oil combination skin that is prone to breakouts.

Great for pre-teens/teens as well! (12-17 years old)



Acne Treatment

Gentleman's Facial

Designed specifically for men, this therapeutic facial minimizes pores, improves skin tone, and soothes razor burn. Treatment includes a cleansing mask and relaxing massage.



Spa Facial Treatment

All About You Facial

This session begins with a facial consultation to help tailor the perfect facial for your needs.


45 minutes $65                    

60 minutes $85

Image by Raphael Lovaski

Gua Sha & Roller Facial

A combination of rollers and stones that helps to reduce puffiness, tighten skin, stimulate lymphatic drainage, and reduce fine lines. This technique also helps with blood circulation.



Relaxing Facial
Image by Y S

We proudly use Essentials Everything Skin Care. They are an all natural skin care company located here in Blairsville, GA

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